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Zero Illusions was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the summer of 2004. The bands evolution since their incarnation has been extraordinary with highly acclaimed live performances in their home country including: Metal Town (Gothenburg), Rockhimlen (Helsingborg) and the Sweden Rock Festival 2007. 2008 has been a busy year with plenty of club gigs combined with the release of “Enter Eternity”, their first full length album released on their own label. The CD has been remarkably well received by reviewers and Zero Illusions has been called a “New Swedish Hope” in Sweden Rock Magazine.


1. My belief 2. Don't be afraid 3. Am I too old 4. Face of the fortune 5. The way I live 6. Make this complete 7. Left alone 08. Once in my life 9. What remains 10. Like yourself 11. The moment I fear
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