Youth Brigade - SOUND & FURY (YELLOW VINYL) Vinyl LP

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YOUTH BRIGADE is an American hardcore punk band formed in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, in 1980 by the brothers Mark, Adam, and Shawn Stern. The band subsequently founded BYO (Better Youth Organization) as well. The band’s first year of existence was as a six-piece, but they played their first gig as a three-piece on New Year’s Eve 1981 at Godzilla’s nightclub. They were also part of the big BYO extravaganza “Youth Movement ’82” at the Hollywood Palladium, where 3,500 people showed up for an all-Los Angeles bill. In the summer of 1982, after recording three tracks for the first BYO record release, Someone Got Their Head Kicked In compilation, YOUTH BRIGADE set out in a big yellow school bus on an ambitious 30-city North American tour with fellow punk band SOCIAL DISTORTION. The now classic 1984 film Another State Of Mind chronicled the event. A premature version of Sound & Fury had been rushed together before the Another State Of Mind tour, but pressing was stopped at 800 copies as the band  was not satisfied with the quality of the material and production. After about 30 shows and several breakdowns, they returned home to re-record their debut LP, Sound & Fury, with the legendary record producer Thom Wilson, keeping only four tracks from the original. Sound & Fury, the follow-up version, is now considered one of the greatest punk records of all time not just because of the songs and cultural context, but because it features the hit songs “Sink With California,” “Blown Away,” “Men In Blue (Part 1),” and “What Will The Revolution Change.” Sound & Fury has been remastered from the original analog tapes by Dave Gardner.


1. Sink With California 
2. Modest Proposal 
3. Men In Blue (Part 1) 
4. Sound & Fury
5. Fight To Unite
6. Jump Back
7. Blown Away 

1. Live Life
2. What Are You Fighting For
3. Did You Wanna Die
4. You Don’t Understand
5. The Circle
6. Duke Of Earl
7. What Will The Revolution Change