Volturian - RED DRAGON Vinyl LP

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The second Volturian effort is a truly inspired and stylish rendering of the modern metal blueprint. A blend of the  gothic & melancholic feeling of the exceptional debut ‘Crimson’ with an even more refined pop vein and some extra subtle electronic layers. Each ‘Red Dragon’ song displays a very contemporary sound, intriguing arrangements and  charming sonic dynamics – not to mention the always masterful Federico Mondelli trademark songwriting. Graced by the heartful interpretation of frontwoman Federica Lanna, lyrically and aesthetically inspired by Thomas Harris’  ‘Red Dragon’ (the novel who gave birth to the Hannibal Lecter myth) and Alan Moore and Frank Miller’s graphic novels, the new Volturian record will wrap the listeners into a warm blanket to open their eyes in a thrilling scarlet light.


1. Rebirth
2. Stay
3. Harley
4. Empty World
5. Torn Asunder
6. Burn It Up
7. Distant Caress
8. Bury Me
9. Freeze
10. Descent
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