Violent Reaction - MARCHING ON CD

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Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, VIOLENT REACTION recorded a demo in 2011, an EP in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after Tomrelocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight edge hardcore punk with an obvious Oi! influence. With a lengthy American tour with their brother band THE FLEX under their belts, VIOLENT REACTION is set to make their Revelation Records debut with Marching On.


1. Intro
2. Leave Me Out
3. No Pride
4. Bored To Death
5. Death Threat
6. Stand & Fight
7. Disorder

1. War
2. Crust Fund
3. Impact
4. Direct Action
5. Hidden Agenda
6. Street Dogs
7. Marching On