Världen Brinner - VI AGER NATTEN CD

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It is an even hungrier Världen Brinner touring in 2020. With their second full-length album "Vi Äger Natten" (ViciSolum Records) the message is clear: Scenes to be owned, women to take command and the world to be saved. Världen Brinner has become known as an emotionally infectious rock / punk explosion and the interest in the band has grown at a furious pace with frequent record releases and live shows that leaves no one untouched.
With the new album, the band takes over where last year's strong EP "Livet På Recept" ended. Världen Brinner has matured and grown. Singer Malin Sandberg sings out all her anger and frustration, joy and sadness on the album, which has the band's characteristic punk / rock nerve, and at the same time holds their calmest song, and their poppiest song to date.


1. Berlin
2. Skrik Bort All Ångest
3. Tas Förgivet
4. Hej!
5. När Allting Tystnar
6. Ingenting Kvar
7. Våga!
8. Borde Aldrig Vart Tyst
9. Jag Känner Mig Så Jävla Svag
10. Vi Äger Natten
11. Ge Mig Allt