The Art Attacks - OUTRAGE & HORROR Vinyl LP

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Formed by Edwin Pouncey in the Spring of 1977 “because there was a talent night at the Royal College Of Art”, their first gig ended (like so many of their other gigs) in a fight, to disguise their lack of material. Someone there offered them a gig for money so a set of 10 songs was quickly cobbled together.


1. I Am A Dalek
2. Neutron Bomb
3. Punk Rock Stars
4. Rat City (Fresh Version)
5. Arabs In ‘Arrads
6. Frankenstein’s Heartbeat
7. Animal Bondage
8. Chickens In Funland
9. Rat City
10. Chimneys
11. (Do The) Big Baby
12. Take Your Brain Out For A Walk
13. Chicane Bootleg
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