Scumbag Millionaire - BARELY ALIVE! B-SIDES & ODDITIES Vinyl LP

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High energy action punk, straight out of the gutters of Gothenburg, Sweden! Barely Alive! is a 16 track b-sides and oddities album by Swedish action punks Scumbag Millionaire. Ever since they started the band in 2014, the guys in Scumbag Millionaire have been talking about releasing compilation album. In the past eight years they have released over 25 vinyl singles, including split releases with bands like Electric Frankenstein and an Iggy & the Stooges tribute 7”. “We simply love 7” singles. The format is amazing, with just one song on each side. And also the size of it. It’s an item you always can afford at the merch table. What’s not to like?” – Adde. All these releases have incredible artwork, come in different vinyl colours, and contain B-sides that were not available anywhere else... Until now! "We’ve selected 16 tracks especially for this release, which was not an easy task, considering the amount of releases. But we’re 100% confident we’ve put together a kick as compilation album for you. We decided to press the record on black, 140g vinyl only. Old school, no bull shit, no limited editions, no CD,” the band says. Scumbag Millionaire first generated a buzz back in 2014 with their single Full Speed Go, a song about Charlie Sheen’s drug abuse. In 2018 they signed a record deal with Dutch label Suburban Records (Bad Nerves, The Sore Losers, Peter Pan Speedrock) and released their debut full-length Speed, produced by Micke Nilsson. The follow-up Poor and Infamous (2020) was recorded at Sunlight Studio with Tomas Skogsberg, and features guest vocals by Jennifer Israelsson (Hot Breath) and Elin Larsson (Blues Pills). Originally inspired by bands like the Hellacopters and Turbonegro, Scumbag Millionaire started out as an extension of the classic Scandirock scene. Nowadays, they can be seen sharing stages with bands like Zeke, Hardcore Superstar and The Good, The Bad & The Zugly and playing festivals like Welt Turbojugend Tage, Flanders Chopper Bash and Stoned from the Underground. Known for their countless vinyl releases and explosive live shows, Scumbag Millionaire continues to live by the philosophy: One gear, full speed, go!


Side A
1. No Speed, No Punk
2. Double Down
3. Schizo
4. I'm In Love
5. Nobody's Havin' Fun
6. K-9
7. Still Alive
8. Down With The Devil

Side B
1. Strike Me Down
2. Time After Time
3. Burning Police Cars
4. Calm Down
5. Spitfire
6. Paul Stanley
7. Leave Me Be
8. Rubber Legs