Scumbag Millionaire - ALL TIME LOW Vinyl LP

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Scumbag Millionaire Unleashes “All Time Low” – A High-Energy Action Punk Triumph! Scumbag Millionaire returns with an electrifying force in their highly anticipated third studio album, “All Time Low“, to be released 22/09/2023 on the infamous Dutch rock n’ roll label Suburban Records. “All Time Low”  is a significant evolution for Scumbag Millionaire, delivering high-energy rock ‘n’ roll that seamlessly blends the golden age of scandi-rock with a modern punk rock twist.


1. A-Bomb  
2. You Gimme Nothin‘  
3. All Time Low  
4. Strung Out on Cash  
5. Through Hell and Fire  
6. Devil Street   
7. I’m So Bored  
8. Demon Blood  
9. Nightmare  
10. Let’s Get Outta Here  
11. Bye Bye  
12. Cannon on the Loose  
13. Hellbound  
14. Big City Rumble
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