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Hard rock band Pop Evil announce their new album "Skeletons" will be released on 17 March 2023 via MNRK Heavy, along with their US headlining tour beginning the same day.The 11 tracks include the previously released singles "Eye of the Storm", which reached #5 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart's most played songs of 2022, and the latest single "Paranoid (Crash & Burn)". The album also features guest musicians such as Ryan Kirby of Fit ForĀ A King on "Dead Reckoning" - a song contributed by bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser - and Blake Allison of Devour The Day, who is featured as a guest vocalist on "Wrong Direction".Frontman Leigh Kakaty on the album: "This is about us as a band stripping everything down to the bone. It's more uptempo, it's got bigger riffs, and we're trying to capture the energy of our live show". "But it also has a positive message," he adds. "I know it's a morbid image, but behind every skeleton there's a story and something worth talking about. Overall, it's about looking at something in a positive way. And I'm looking forward to everyone hearing that." For "Skeletons", the band once again collaborated with producer Drew Fulk (Disturbed, Papa Roach, Motionless in White), a friend and collaborator on several previous albums that became hits. "On 'Versatile' we had a number of producers, but for this album we wanted to work with just one person and get back to our roots", says Kakaty. "There's an energy that he and I have, and he was great at helping us build these songs and work on some common themes".


1. Arrival
2. Paranoid (Crash & Burn)
3. Circles
4. Eye of The Storm
5. Sound of Glory
6. Skeletons
7. Worth It
8. Who Will We Become
9. Wrong Direction (Feat. Devour the Day)
10. Dead Reckoning (Feat. Fit For A King)
11. Raging Bull (Feat. Zillion)