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Japan’s notorious boiler suited, straight-framed-sunglass wearing techno-new-wave-punks return with Weeeeeeeeee!!!, their latest high-energy album. The UK and European version is a behemoth of a release, boasting 17 tracks packed with fractured punk rock, vintage video game sound effects and a refreshing and quirky charm that only POLYSICS can muster. Following on from their 15th anniversary album (which featured a collaboration with Devo vocalist Mark Mothersbaugh, amongst several others with respected Japanese artists), Weeeeeeeeee!!! contains their catchy singles "Everybody Say No" and "Lucky Star", and is their second full-length album since returning from hiatus as a three-piece.


01. Sparkling Water
02. Lucky Star
03. Distortion
04. Steam Pack
05. Ice, Tights, Mike
06. Why
07. Quiet Smith
08. Kitchen Ban Ban
09. Lightening Express
10. Raptus
11. High Kcal
12. Everybody Say No
13. Round The World
14. Weeeeeeeeee!!!
15. No Control (bonus track)
16. Watson 2012 (bonus track)
17. KI.KA.I.DA! 2012 (bonus track)