Paradise Lost - TRAGIC ILLUSION 25 CD

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In 2013 the doom/gothic metal icons of Paradise Lost released "Tragic Illusion 25", a compilation with previously unreleased songs, covers, re-recordings and new mixes. 10 years later this compilation is hardly available anymore, which is why it is reissued by MDD Records, as it contains material of the band which is only available on this CD in this form and therefore enjoys great popularity among fans and collectors.


1. Loneliness Remains
2. Never Take Me AliveĀ 
3. Ending Through Changes
4. The Last Fallen Saviour
5. Last Regret (Lost in Prague Orchestra Mix)
6. Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (Lost in Prague Orchestra Mix)
7. Cardinal Zero
8. Back on Disaster
9. Sons of Perdition
10. Godless
11. Missing (Everything but the Girl cover)
12. Silent in Heart
13. Gothic 2013
14. Our Saviour 2013
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