Official Nerf Herder Merch



The streets of Santa Barbara, California are a hard place to grow up, and an even harder place to start a band. Nerf Herder are one of the few that have been fortunate enough to escape the squalor and rise above the local scene. The years of hard work and devotion have paid off, and the twelve tracks on American Cheese chronicled the trials and tribulations of becoming a big cheese in a small pond...Ok, if you’ve ever been to Santa Barbara you know that it’s one of the most beautiful and affluent places in the US. If you’ve ever seen or heard Nerf Herder, you’ll know that they’re anything but “hard”, and they don’t come from the “streets.” They are totally hilarious, and the true masters of new wave influenced, quirky poppy punk music. 20 years has passed since the release of this masterpiece, so we saw it fitting to reissue the thing on color vinyl and throw a bunch of bonus digital tracks up to go along with it. Grab your cheese-colored vinyl before they are all gone!


1. Welcome To My World
2. High Five Anxiety
3. New Wave Girl
4. Mr. Spock
5. Jacket
6. Rock City News
7. Cashmere
8. Nervous Breakdown
9. Jenna Bush Army
10. Defending the Faith
11. Busted
12. New Jersey Girl
13. Bark for the Bone (Outtake) *
14. Weezer/Star Wars Theory (Outtake) *
15. I Love My Girlfriend (Outtake) *
16. Defending the Faith (Studio Demo) *
17. Welcome to My World (Home Demo) *
18. High Five Anxiety (Home Demo) *
19. New Wave Girl (Home Demo) *
* Download Only