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Naked Raygun release their first album since the 1990's on CLEAR vinyl!
Chicago punk legends Naked Raygun – famously, the first live band Dave Grohl ever saw – are releasing their first studio album since the 1990's Raygun...Naked Raygun
The album, Over The Overlords, is also the band's first release since the sad passing of bassist Pierre Kezdy.With an instrumental introduction, and a crescendo of intricate bass riffs and drum solos that lead into the energetic, in-your-face track, “Go the Spoils.” Combined with a catchy guitar riff and danceable drum beats, lead singer Jeff Pezzati’s voice is able to shine through the layering of vocals throughout the track, showing off his range and setting a standard for the rest of the album that leaves people eager for more. The next track, “Living in the Good Times,” which also happens to be the album’s lead single continues on the trend by providing a back-to-basics form of instrumentals that are simple but easy to get stuck in your head.
31 years is a long time in between album releases for a band; it is safe to say that with all that Naked Raygun has to offer with Over the Overlords, the wait was so worth it!


1. Intro
2. Go The Spoils
3. Living In The Good Times
4. Soul Hole Baby
5. Vijay's Big Organ
6. Superheroes
7. Treat Me Unkind
8. Suicide Bomb
9. Broken Things
10. Amishes
11. Eric's Across The Street
12. Black and Grey
13. Ode to Sean McKeough
14. Farewell to Arms
15. Outro Outre
16. Living In The Good Times (Paul Barker Mix)
17. Knock Me Down (Live 2015)
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