Misantropic - CATHARSIS Vinyl LP

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MISANTROPIC are back! You know what to expect: fast d-beat and double bass drums, metallic thrashing, punked up riffs, bulldozing bass lines and angry, pissed off vocals. A hardcore holocaust. This stuff just reeks of circle pits and chaos, it’s as much classic FU hardcore as it is Grind/Death/Thrash metal. For intense riff-a-holics, fed up with the idiocracy also known as the human race, this is the anger management program that your surrounding companions have been pleading with you to get involved in. In this tumultuous album you get to throw your blows, scream obscenities at the top of your lungs, and destroy things without ever having to be held legally accountable for your actions. Rebels rejoice and Fucking make some noise!


Side A
01. Mosh of the pale horse
02. No retreat, no surrender
03. The logic of violence
04. Arm your daughters
05. Catharsis
06. Bloodstains
Side B
01. Day of reckoning 
02. Death cult
03. Feel no pity
04. Fragmentation
05. The dying of the light
06. Slutet