Madder Mortem - RED IN TOOTH AND CLAW Vinyl LP

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Red in Tooth and Claw" marks the long awaited return of veteran Norwegian metal pioneers "Madder Mortem". Seven years have passed since the release of its predecessor "Eight Ways", and "Red in Tooth and Claw" still maintains the trademark Madder Mortem sound, but this time the quirkiness has become even more catchy. The songs move from doomy parts to hard hitting riffs, always displaying a great sense of melody, groove and emotions. The whole is topped off with the massive vocals of Agnete M. Kirkevaag who ranges from the most tender whispers to the most violent screams.
Starting life in 1993 as Mystery Tribe, Madder Mortem was one of the early bands from the contemporary Norwegian Metal scene to break away from set genre boundaries. Having started  off with a more straight doom metal sound, the band has continued to develop with each album, following a flawless transition to become an experimental and diverse progressive metal band with a unique sense of groove and contrasting arrangements. This diversity is clearly reflected in the band's live performances, Mader Mortem having shared the stage with acts as diverse as Opeth, Enslaved, Rotting Christ, Vintersorg, Red Harvest and Tristania.
"Red in Tooth and Claw" was recorded and produced by guitarist BP M. Kirkevaag and mastered by Peter In de Betou. The result is the addition of yet another magnificent album to Madder Mortem's grand catalogue. You no longer need to listen to their 10 year old song, "My Name is Silence", because Madder Mortem is back with a vengeance!


1. Blood on the sand    
2. If I could    
3. Fallow season   
4. Pitfalls    
5. All the giants are dead
6. Returning to the end of the world
7. Parasites
8. Stones for eyes
9. The whole where your heart belongs
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