Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards - LIVE AND LOUD (NEON YELLOW VINYL) Vinyl LP

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This unearthed live recording captures the level of energy that this band showed each time they hit the stage. Recorded in the spring of 2001, following the release of their debut LP, these iconic songs come through just as people will remember them: fast, loud, and hooky as hell - and always leaving you wanting more. Thankfully, THE BASTARDS delivered with the follow-up Viking LP. After the band went on hiatus, fans waited many years for Frederiksen to once again stand in the spotlight. In 2021, he emerged with “To Victory,” a solo EP with a Billy Bragg inspired performance. The EP was quickly grabbed up by fans around the globe and featured stripped down performances of two LFATB songs - “Army of Zombies” and “Skunx.” Make no mistake about it - Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards laid the foundation for more to come years down the road. Capture a piece of history with this live album repressed with new art and vinyl variants!


Side A
1. Dead American
2. Anti-Social
3. Campbell, CA
4. Army Of Zombies
5. Wine And Roses
Side B
6. Leaving Here
7. Skunx
8. To Have And To Have Not
9. 6 Foot 5
10. Vietnam