Lacrimosa - HOFFNUNG CD

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After celebrating their anniversary in front of over 3,000 people in September, where the band already played two songs from the new album, LACRIMOSA will bring it out under the name “Hoffnung” ("hope"). The most ambitious work of the creator of Gothic Metal and co-founder of the Symphonic Metal was recorded with an Orchestra of more than 60 musicians during the period of an entire year. To achieve this – unlike other bands – Tilo Wolff (singer and composer of LACRIMOSA) did not rely on an external arranger for Orchestras but draws responsible for the entire scores for the orchestra recordings himself. And the result speaks for itself: Never before LACRIMOSA inflamed such a storm of brutal guitar riffs, driving drums and bombastic kettle drums in perfect harmony with powerful trombones and heartbreaking strings. So it’s not a surprise that one of the musicians said during the recordings: "This is like Pirates of the Caribbean goes Metal"!


4.Die unbekannte Farbe
5.Der Kelch der Hoffnung
6.Thunder and Lightning
7.Tranen der Liebe
8.Der freie Fall – Apeiron, Part 1
9.Keine Schatten kehr
10.Apeiron – Der freie Fall, Part 2