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Since their founding in 1989 Inkubus Sukkubus have explored many aspects of the supernatural and mythical universe often finding places where this fantastical universe collides with our own, somewhat prosaic and often mundane world. With ‘She of a Thousand Names’ the band takes the listener again on a journey into the Enchanted Realm focusing on the Universal Goddess from her origins in the distant past before human civilization, then as Inanna the Anunnaki Queen of the Sumerians who descended from the stars and  later becoming known as Ishtar. The development and morphing of the Goddess is explored further through the ancient world through Mesopotamia, Atlantis, Greece, Rome and beyond. This album also deals with doomed love and continues a theme from previous albums, that being the four apocalyptic horsemen, this time it is Angelus Famé the angel of famine. This is their 27th Album.


1. Star of Ishtar
2. Inanna
3. Queen Satrina
4. Into the Mystery
5. Angelus Famé
6. Lost to the Darkness
7. Queens of Atlantis
8. Woman from the Cities of the Plain
9. Starfire
10. Waiting Evermore
11. She of a Thousand Names