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Implode second studio album “I of Everything” will be something completely different. Musically the Implode is still all about their furious hard and technical thrash/death metal as we know them. But the concept of Implodes new album is something far beyond and totally unique.
“I of Everything” is divided in four chapters which have separate themes that together will create a unity and a connection from the universe, as endless in time and room as it is down to the single individual who only sees himself.The four chapters will be illustrated through the lyrics and graphic design on each chapter and will be released digital only, and in the end come together on a physical release where the design of the four chapters will create the folder.“I of Everything” will contain all in all 13 songs in where that last chapter will contain 4, including ”Stress Communion” which is the first video for the album, released before the first chapter.
The cover will be drawn by the well-known American artist Caitlin Hackett, with her unique style using nature and animals, often with mutations and violent touches. A symbolic interpretation on the topic of each chapter will make the cover tell a story in itself.


01. Tithonus
02. Cursed Dead Sun
03. The Transcend
04. The Sublime
05. Last Intervention
06. Of Root and Leaf
07. A Manifest
08. Pushing for Solitude
09. Grail of Rust
10. Behind Craven
11. Of Needle and thread
12. Speaker of the Deaf
13. Stress Communion