Imperial State Electric - ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT Vinyl LP

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Imperial State Electric are back with their new album: "All Through The Night".The band, with Nicke Andersson as its driving force, has toured constantly since the release of last years critically acclaimed "Honk Machine" (August 2015), and the expectations for this autumns release are set sky high.The limited time period between "Honk Machine" and "All Through The Night" poses the question, and rightly so, how has the band found time and creativity to record yet another album? Nicke's answer is clear: "We play rock 'n' roll music, if it takes four years to make a rock 'n' roll record then you have most likely over analyzed an art form that is more about gut instinct. It should feel and this record feels good."


1. Empire Of Fire
2. All Through The Night
3. Remove Your Doubt
4. Break It Down
5. Over And Over Again
6. Bad Timing
7. Read Me Wrong
8. Get Off The Boo Hoo Train
9. Would You Lie
10.No Sleeping