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"Killing Innocence" - the ninth studio album of the South Tyrolean dark metal power GRAVEWORM! The long wait was worth it, the dark metal institution finally returns with perhaps their best album after eight years!
It took eight long years, but was more than worth the wait: The South Tyrolean extreme metal institution GRAVEWORM is finally back with a new album! And "Killing Innocence" compensates for everything. Their very own melange of Thrash, Gothic and Death Metal is as powerful as ever and shows that Graveworm haven't lost any of their hardness and energy even after all these years. The ten new songs on "Killing Innocence" are characterized by dark atmospheres, powerful riffs and driving drums that directly captivate the listener. The album is a tribute to the roots of the band and yet contemporary and freshly produced - an absolute must-buy for fans of gloomy but rousing metal. With "Killing Innocence" Graveworm impressively proves that they belong to the best representatives of the genre and can still provide surprises in the year 2023.


1. A Nameless Grave
2. Dead Words
3. End of Time
4. Escorting The Soul
5. If The World Shut Down
6. In Honour of the Fallen
7. We Are The Resistance
8. Where Agony Prevails
9. Wicked Mind
10. Wrath of Gods