Government Issue - CRASH (RED VINYL) Vinyl LP

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Coloured vinyl re-issue of the DC Hardcore band's seventh and last studio album 'Crash'.  Originally released in 1988 on Giant Records, 'Crash' continued Government Issue's evolution into greater musical variety."Though they started out playing solid, standard-issue melodic hardcore, Government Issue weren't afraid to let their outside influences, no matter how incongruous, infect their music — or, in Stabb's case, their look, as well [...] So, while Stabb's hairdos and stage clothes got increasingly kookier, so did the band's music draw ideas from pop, goth, psychedelia, Middle Eastern music and beyond. And while changes like these could seem like sellout moves for a group that once wrote a song called "Rock 'N' Roll Bullshit", they were a vital next step in the evolution of [insert whatever eclectic punk CD you're listening to today]." Aaron Burgess - Alternative Press  


1. Another Day 3:36
2. Strange Wine 3:11
3. Better Than TV 2:46
4. Time Will Rearrange 4:20
5. Connecticut 3:55
Total side length – 17:48

6. Crash 3:16
7. The Price 3:51
8. The Fear 3:47
9. Summer Of Blood 3:18
10. For Ever 3:56
Total side length – 18:08
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