Good Riddance - PEACE IN OUR TIME CD

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After prematurely snuffing out a career that burned so brightly by calling it quits in 2007, GOOD RIDDANCE reignitethe embers with the blazing inferno Peace In Our Time. GOOD RIDDANCE are known for helping to mold the melodic/hardcore genre and for churning out some its most revered albums. Peace In Our Time draws on the most prizedelements of GR’s catalog. So much so that it could be described as a “greatest hits” album that is comprised of allnew material. Built on a foundation of hardcore, saturated with scorching riffs and bound to GR’s strong sense ofmelody, Peace In Our Time hits all the high notes of their résumé. The same classic lineup responsible for A ComprehensiveGuide to Moderne Rebellion, Ballads from the Revolution, and Operation Phoenix are back at the helmfor Peace In Our Time and it’s reflected in the result. GOOD RIDDANCE’s ability to blend thrash-laden, discordanthardcore and aggressive melodic punk into their own signature compound has gained them the respect of theirpeers, fans, and critics alike. Peace In Our Time will only embolden that sentiment.


01. Disputatio
02. Contrition
03. Take It to Heart
04. Half Measures
05. Grace and Virtue
06. No Greater Fight
07. Dry Season
08. Teachable Moments
09. Washed Away
10. Our Better Nature
11. Shiloh
12. Running on Fumes
13. Year Zero
14. Glory Glory