Girls In Synthesis - DIE LEERE (EP) Vinyl LP

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Lauded London-based trio Girls In Synthesis proudly delivers a new stand alone EP, the superlative 'Die Leere'.Following on from their second LP The Rest Is Distraction, 'Die Leere' sees the band strip back some of the atonal, noisy elements of their sound and replace it with an intense sparseness, glassy clarity, and added melodic touch. The band's trademark tribal drums and driving bass are still present, alongside warped, deathrock-influenced modulated guitar figures, all adding up to a refreshing update on their truly experimental post-punk. Taking a verse each on 'I Know No Other Way', vocalists John and Jim sing succinct lines dealing with the physicality of human anxiety, and project the anguish of indecision. This subject matter leads on from the internalquestioning and emotional darkness on The Rest Is Distraction, leaving the sloganeering and broad statements to the current crop of UK guitar bands. Unlike 'I Know No Other Way', the EP shows the band do know another way and the way is no less brilliant than what's gone before, and undoubtedly what is to come next. 


Side 1
1. I Know No Other Way (2:42)
2. I Know No Other Way - Dub (3:36)
Side 2
1. Sinking Feeling (3:14)
2. Against The Seething (5:25)