Get Dead - LETTERS HOME Vinyl LP

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Re-issue of Get Dead’s debut album from 2009 - Available for the first time on vinyl!
GET DEAD were originally drawn together by their love for punk rock, joy of acoustic impurities, desire to keep music simple, and on a lesser scale, their shared affinity for the drink. In fact, GET DEAD’s first band practice allegedly consisted solely of hollowing out some pineapples, filling them with rum, and “getting sticky”, as Sam (lead singer) puts it. Regardless of their unorthodox start, they did eventually get on track and have since been creating some of the most earnest and satisfying punk rock around. After a couple years of playing famously raucous shows in the Bay Area the band’s song writing ability caught the ear of NOFX front man Fat Mike, resulting in three stellar albums over the last eight years. We are excited to now be able to share with you GET DEAD’s debut album from before Fat Wreck got their hands on them. Letters Home- available for the first time on vinyl- is an essential piece of the GET DEAD collection, giving insight into the early days of the band and how they have evolved into what they are today.
For fans of: Swingin’ Utters, Against Me!, Dropkick Murphys, US Bombs, The Pouges, Off With Their Heads, American Steel


1. Leave a Message
2. Cousin Marvin
3. Fallon and Victory
4. Here is Your Song
5. Phono to Tape
6. Stay Back
7. One Foot in the Grave
8. Letters Home
9. Look Mom…
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