Frozen Crown - THE FALLEN KING Vinyl LP

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All hail the new power metal kings!It took only a few years to obtain the crown – a frozen one, indeed. Frozen Crown arrived in the European scene in early 2018 with the astonishing debut album ‘The Fallen King’. Just fourteen months later, the sophomore work ‘Crowned in Frost’ confirmed their status as one of the brightest newcomers. In the spring of 2021, ‘Winterbane’ left another impressive mark and granted them access to the Mount Olympus of heavy metal. In the meantime, the Italian band toured extensively – along with DragonForce, to name one, with Mr. Herman Li being one of their most enthusiastic endorsers – and gathered a huge and passionate fanbase. Putting the final touches to the fourth studio-album (their most artistically and stylistically ambitious effort ever), Frozen Crown are now looking forward to making 2023 the year of the very final breakthrough. Now, Scarlet Records present all new vinyl editions of the first three records, for one of the most relevant present power metal acts.


1. Fail No More
2. To Infinity
3. Kings
4. I Am the Tyrant
5. The Shieldmaiden
6. Chasing Lights
7. Queen of Blades
8. Across the Sea
9. Everwinter
10. Netherstorm