Face To Face - LIVE IN A DIVE CD

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Long-running SoCal punk band face to face released a live album back in 1998, when the group was only seven years old and had a trio of full-lengths to its name. Two decades, six studio albums, and roughly a million shows later, it’s high time face to face recapture one their ferocious live performances on an album. The ninth edition of our ‘Live in a Dive’ series captures face to face blasting through 12 songs from their storied career in just 39 minutes. Aside from a short hiatus in the 2000s, face to face never really left. In fact, 2016’s Protection was the band’s most blistering album yet, which Live in a Dive perfectly captures in “Bent but Not Broken,” “Double Crossed,” and “I Won’t Say I’m Sorry.” The live recording also pulls from the 1992 classic Don’t Turn Away as well as Face to Face, Reactionary, How to Ruin Everything, and Laugh Now, Laugh Later. face to face’s lengthy discography could’ve easily filled a live double album; but to keep it concise, the band selected highlights from their three-night stand at Brooklyn’s St. Vitus in early 2019, 12 songs that fit neatly on one vinyl album. Live in a Dive is a stark reminder that face to face remains a force, even as they approach their 30th anniversary.


1. Resignation
2. Bent but Not Broken
3. Bill of Goods
4. Double Crossed
5. What’s in a Name
6. No Authority
7. I Won’t Say I’m Sorry
8. You Could’ve Had Everything
9. Should Anything Go Wrong
10. All for Nothing
11. Disappointed
12. Disconnected