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Eleine is releasing their self-titled debut album “Eleine” physically worldwide for the first time.
“More often than not, evil lingers in the promise of good”. This is what Eleine is saying with their selt-titled debut album “Eleine”. There will always be someone promising prosperity and utopia, when in actuality all you do is aid the beast in fulfilling it’s own goals. A comforting voice, that hiss tender words, convincing you to not open your eyes.
Symphonic metal needs to be strong to survive – and Eleine demonstrates the evolving nature of the genre — with some thrillingly beautiful vocals, majestic musical mastery, iridescent invention and awe-inspiring ambition.


01. Land Beyond Sanity
02. Destiny
03. Gathering Storm
04. Devotion
05. Turn To Dust
06. A Glimpse Of Hope
07. A Sin
08. Death Incarnate
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