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Dystopia presents proudly their fourth full length album entitled: «De Verboden Diepte I: Veldslag op de Rand van de Wereld». An album that takes you on a journey of Black Metal fury mixed with beautiful post-like atmospheric influences combined with a medieval approach due to the trumpets.
“De Verboden Diepte I” offers a wide variation on sound and goes from fast black metal blasting to mellow atmospheric passages back to devastating headbang moments in an even somewhat pagan style here and there (like Enslaved). The guitars are strong and clear throughout the album giving them moments of beautiful melodies as well as some old school chord riffing. The drums are also a piece of variation from the standard blasting to more extended playful drum parts where the bass is being added like a pounding machine filling up the gaps with some nice bass solos and it gives the drums that extra touch on the low end. The most remarkable instrument on this album must be the trumpet who delivers some very nice background melodies and atmosphere which lifts the album to a whole other level, combined with the wide range of the vocals who variate between different screams and even clean vocals makes the song structures unbelievable majestic!
Dystopia has delivered an album that is simply beautiful, yet aggressive, powerful, yet calming. A masterpiece within its very own genre! A must have to every fan of Old School Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal and even Post or Pagan Black Metal.
Recommended if you like: Darkthrone, Emperor, Enslaved, Fluisteraars, Summoning, Wolves in the Throne Room, Elffor, Obliteration, Grey Aura, Terzij de Horde, Dodecahedron.


1. Dood van de Wachters (09:12)
2. Giftige Woorden (09:16)
3. Eerst Enkelen, Toen Honderden, Toen Duizenden (10:23)
4. De Val (08:37)
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