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Like the first rays of sunrise glint against the dusky introspection a new album from Dr. Arthur Krause descend into the world of our everyday lives. The Only Time She Moves finds the point of tension between restraint and submission and possesses all the colour and intensity that the name would suggest.. Ten strong tracks each build a momentum, working closely with the deep, layered vocals that form the trademark of the band. The music is not as easy to file as it may initially appear, but the Doctor is popular with fans of acts like The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy and U2.   This was the first album with music written by all members of the band and the production is the bigger than ever. This is evident nowhere clearer than in the epos Loveland and Gone Tomorrow – without a doubt one of the bands finest moments so far. Dr. Arthur Krause never hides from difficult subjects in his intelligent lyrics, ranging from abuse, bullying to politics and existenial issues. Evelina, the low key Hanna is Safe and the suggestive Death Row, released as the first single off The Only Time She Moves, are three clear cut examples.   Dr. Arthur Krause set out as an electronic one-man project in the gothic / electronic genre, appropriately formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2001, but has since developed into a full scale rock band. The man behind the band name was born much earlier, though... Starting with the traditional dry ice and frontal light, the performances now provide a full multimedia show and have established the Doctor as one of Scandinavia's most popular live acts in the gothic scene


01. Loveland
02. Midnight Rain
03. Deported Soul II
04. Death Row
05. Never Whole
06. Evelina
07. Hanna is Safe
08. We are Doomed
09. Go on Your Own
10. Gone Tomorrow