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A new tour edition version of “Liberator” including two brand new tracks! Divine Ascension have during the spring 2015 done a very successful Australian tour that will be rounded up with two shows supporting Blind Guardian. In connection with the release of “Liberator – Tour edition” the band will do an extensive 30 date European tour, supporting Stratovarius!Divine Ascension take the genre of female fronted metal to a whole new level. The band continue to surprise metal fans the world over with its iconic breed of melodic/progressive metal. A definite force to be reckoned within the emerging metal scene, Divine Ascension hail from Melbourne, Australia and are led by the enigmatic Jennifer Borg - a voice once heard, not easily forgotten. DA are gearing up to release their second album Liberator following on from their highly acclaimed debut As The Truth Appears.
Their debut album’s successes were many, bringing in rave reviews and allowing the band to play alongside symphonic power metal masters Kamelot during their first ever Australian tour in 2013. The release of Liberator will see Divine Ascension’s reach grow further. Soon metal fans will be split into two groups, those who have heard Divine Ascension and those who are about to.


01. Dawn Brings No Mercy
02. Stronger
03. Liberator
04. My Contender Lies
05. Sorrow's Sacrifice
06. Crystal Tears
07. Machine
08. Red Sky
09. The Final Stand
10. Hideaway
11. Memoria's Longing
12. Solemn Nights (Bonus track)
13. In This Embrace (Bonus Track)