Official Discharge Merch



This release is the live recording of the band at the Lyceum London in 81 if you are expecting a clean spit and polish release,forget it. This captures the raw power of the Discharge sound warts and all, this gig was the catalyst of what became the legendary Apocalyps Now tour that went around the UK in early 80s a tour that also included Exploited, Anti Pasti and Chron Gen.


1 Realities Of War
2. Religion Instigates
3. Fight Back
4. Why 5. After The Gig
6. Does The System Work
7. They Declare It
8. Look At Tommorow
9. Tommorow Belongs To Us
10. Is This To Be
11. No Feeble Basterd
12 .Religion Instigates
13. Visions Of War
14. Take Part Creating The System
15. No TV Sketch
16. Mania For Conquest
17. Always Restrictions
18. Maimed And Slaughtered
19. Decontrol
20. Tommorow Belongs To Us
21 Always Restrictions
22. They Declare
23. Realities Of War
24. Maimed And Slaughtered
25. No TV Sketch