Dead Kennedys - MUTINY ON THE BAY CD

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First ever Dead Kennedys live album!! CD of previously unreleased live recordings made in mid 1980's in San Francisco.
Performers on all tracks: Jello Biafra- vocals, East Bay Ray - guitar, Klaus Flouride -bass & backing vocals, D. H. Peligro - drums & backing vocals.
Superb sound recordings of the band performing classic tracks like: Police Truck, Kill the Poor, Holiday in Cambodia, Moon Over Marin, California Uber Alles & MTV Get Off the Air.


1. Police Truck
2. Kill The Poor
3. Holiday In Cambodia
4. Moon Over Marin
5. California Uber Alles
6. MTV Get Off The Air
7. Too Drunk To Fuck
8. Goons Of Hazard
9. This Could Be Anywhere
10. Forward To Death
11. I Am The Owl
12. Hellnation
13. Riot