Dead Kennedys - LIVE AT THE OLD WALDORF 1979 (RED VINYL) Vinyl LP

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The Old Waldorf, owned by legendary Bay Area concert promoter Bill Graham, originally opened in 1976 and was host to some of the Bay's most important early punk shows featuring The Avengers, The Dead Boys, Bad Brains, and more. Though their debut album wouldn't be released until the following year, Dead Kennedys were already local legends by 1979, and they played The Old Waldorf on October 25th of that year for a live college radio broadcast for KALX FM in Berkeley. With live early versions of some of their most famous songs, including their classic first single, "California Über Alles", as well as "Holiday In Cambodia", "Kill The Poor", "Back In Rhodesia", and more, this is a crucial early SF punk live broadcast now available on limited edition red vinyl! 


1. Kill The Poor 3:03
2. Funland At The Beach 1:56
3. Back In Rhodesia 1:54
4. Dreadlocks Of The Suburbs 2:56
5. Police Truck 2:23
6. Ill In The Head 2:55
Total side length – 15:07

7. Short Songs 0:26
8. California Uber Alles 3:17
9. Holiday In Cambodia 5:17
10. Chemical Warfare 3:33
Total side length – 12:33
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