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A Product of the ‘80s “Block To Block” (1981), the breakthrough album by and debut album by Noregian/polish new wave cult heroes DE PRESS (Andrej Nebb, Ola Snortheim and Jørn Christensen). Like its successor, “Product”, the album was  produced by John Leckie and De Press. Both albums are now being re-released by Apollon Records on vinyl and CD. What is it about these two records? They still sound like nothing else from the Norwegian music scene. Both albums were on par with anything from the wider world, and this in a time were international New Wave and Post Punk classics were being released on an almost weekly basis. They encapsulate the sound of an entire era and may mirror the contemporary zeitgeist of its time so brilliantly that we still see ourselves in them. “Block To Block” is widely regarded to be one of the best ever rock albums by an Norwegian band.


1. Kalhoz
2. Block To Block
3. Kic Me Rusia
4. Dobl Steyshen
5. Kejk
6. Velvet Walz
7. Peyshens
8. Bo Jo Cie Kochom
9. Forcd
10. Moniuments
11. On Top
12. Tavarish
13. Transparent Tlf
14. Conveyor Belt