Crossfade - RETURN TO PLANET HELL (1992-1994) CD

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A CD that compiles all three demos by this obscure U.S. band. Cross Fade was formed in Mastic (Long Island, N.Y.) in March of 1991 and was fortunate to have spawned and thrived in the primordial era of Long Island Death Metal, a force to be reckoned with amongst other global Metal sounds. And Cross Fade was there, absorbing it and spitting out their own unique brand of extreme music.


1. Free Death (Cross Fade demo, 1992)
2. Damnatory Future (Cross Fade demo, 1992)
3. Post Partum (Cross Fade demo, 1992)
4. Crack of Doom (Cross Fade demo, 1992)
5. Ruined (Ruined demo, 1992)
6. Rape for Profit (Ruined demo, 1992)
7. Born Against (Ruined demo, 1992)
8. Untitled (Untitled demo, 1994)
9. The Faceless (Untitled demo, 1994)
10. No Love Lost (Untitled demo, 1994)