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Featuring ten previously unreleased tracks, Selective Wreckage is not a B-sides collection. This is an audio documentation of a band’s evolution from 2006’s melodic punk outburst The Troubled Stateside to 2007’s critically acclaimed opus, CRIME IN STEREO Is Dead. Featuring five songs recorded in 2006 and five slogs recording during 2007 with producer and collaborator Mike Sapone (BRAND NEW, STRAYLIGHT RUN), these were all remixed and tweaked in the summer of 2008. This release gives fans new music to continue the debate over this band’s extensive evolution and back-catalog, as well as further the interest in this enigmatic Long Island punk band.


1. Untitled
2. Two
3. Three
4. Four
5. Let Me Take You Out
6. Capitalislam
7. The Bride
8. Four X’s
9. Love
10. When The Women Come Out To Dance