Circle Jerks - LOS ANGELES 1984 CD

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Circle Jerks, live from the Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA April 20th 1984“I just want to fuck shit up. Let’s wreck this place” (Keith Morris)LA’s Circle Jerks left a deep, boot-to-the-face impression on society making it impossible to talk about punk without them. Along with heavily influential albums like Group Sex, Wild in the Streets and Wonderful, the band appeared in two major cult films. The whiplash-inducing debut album from 1980 set the pace for what was to come and by 1984, they had recorded two more albums including Golden Shower of Hits, the majority of which collectively makes up this set performed at the legendary Stardust Ballroom, LA on April 20, 1984.Interference takes you back to the famed LA venue in 1984 with a fully restored and professionally remastered original KMET-FM broadcast. Featuring background notes and timeline photos.


1. Intro Jam #1
2. I Just Want Some Skank
3. Beverly Hills
4. Operation
5. Leave Me Alone
6. Coup D'Etat
7. Junk Mail
8. Stars & Stripes
9. Behind The Door
10. Wild In The Streets
11. Red Tape
12. Wasted
13. Back Against The Wall
14. Question Authority
15. Political Stu
16. Letterbomb
17. In Your Eyes
18. Murder The Disturbed
19. Under The Gun
20. When The Shit Hits The Fan
21. Parade Of The Horribles
22. Don't Care
23. Live Fast Die Young
24. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
25. Golden Shower Of Hits