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BY A THREAD have written and recorded some of the most dynamic and influential post-hardcore/rock ever to come out of the Pacific Northwest. Drawing on their experience in the hardcore band STRAIN, the four members of BY A THREAD create multi-layered, emotional music fueled by the power and desperation of the human experience. Heavy, hook-laden, and dark, their brand new self-titled album is slated for release March 2011. The album’s tracks are as expressive, evocative, and memorable as the band’s debut, but reveal a maturity in songwriting and approach that has developed in the decade since that first release. As always, the unmistakable energy of BY A THREAD remains intact, making this one of the must-have releases of 2011.
"When BY A THREAD hit the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia in 1997 this quartet would change the Canadian music scene forever. Formed from the ashes of hardcore heavyweights STRAIN, BY A THREAD has been a force to be reckoned with. Comprised of guitarist Sean Lande, singer John Franco, bassist Steven Fairweather, and drummer Joe Franco, BY A THREAD’s energetic intensity has been a veritable tsunami of musical and artistic excellence since their inception. BY A THREAD’s songs are captivating; dark and hauntingly beautiful at times, raucous and heavy at others. Internationally acclaimed Revelation Records released BY A THREAD’s seminal full-length recording Last Of The Daydreams in 1999. Their ability and willingness to share their heartache and joy with integrity has carved them a permanent place in the hearts and minds of their listeners, who understand the best thing about this band: BY A THREAD is real." – CBC radio


1. Fashion
2. Line Ups
3. Dive In
4. Tomorrow’s Gone
5. Reign
6. Between The Takes
7. Bloodshed
8. Haro
9. ...
10. Up All Day
11. Frame
12. Eight Track Mind
13. Breathless