Black Crucifixion - FAUSTIAN DREAM (WHITE VINYL) Vinyl LP

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This Death / doom with indie rock's influences musically lie between Celtic Frost "Into the Pandemonium", Tiamat "Clouds" & "Wild Honey" as well as Katatonia mid-period recordings. All shades of “Scandinavian Melancholy” are presented in full...
For the first time on vinyl and as 180g white vinyl, limited to 233 handnumbered copies
Recommended if you like: Celtic Frost “Into the Pandemonium”, Beherit, early Katatonia, early Tiamat, The Cure


1. Faustian Dream
2. As Black As the Roses (As Weak As My Smile)
3. Bible Black Tyrant
4. Wrath Without Hate
5. Where Will You Hide
6. Winterkill
7. Scandinavian Melancholy
8. Frailest
9. Faustian Scream