Bad Manners - THIS IS SKA! (WHITE VINYL) Vinyl LP

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RE-ISSUE OF BRITISH TWO-TONE AND SKA BAND BAD MANNERS' COMPILATION ALBUM FROM 1996 - ON STUNNING WHITE VINYL!The “This Is Ska” compilation album features some the best of Bad Manners recordings made in the late 1980s for the new Blue Beat Records, including the band's first two singles for the label 'Skaville UK' and 'Sally Brown' and of course - title track 'This Is Ska' the hit single from Longsy D and Bad Manners. The album, originally released on Dojo Records in 1996, also features tracks from the band's best-selling “Greatest Hits Live” album also available on Audioplatter (PLATE038LP). The original “This Is Ska” CD became a bestseller and introduced many people to the “new” Bad Manners and highlighted how good these new recordings were!


1. This Is Ska! 3:41
2. Skinhead Love Affair 3:00
3. Skaville UK 2:39
4. Sally Brown 3:02
5. Mafia 3:30
6. Skinhead Girl 2:58
7. Return Of The Ugly 2:46
8. Non Shrewd 2:23
9. Big 5 3:33
Total side length – 27:32

10. Just A Feeling (Live) 2:54
11. My Girl Lollipop (Live) 2:33
12. Walking In The Sunshine (Live) 3:29
13. Can Can (Live) 2:35
14. Lip Up Fatty (Live) 2:59
15. Lorraine (Live) 3:40
16. Samson And Delilah (Live) 3:02
17. Special Brew (Live) 3:20
18. You Fat Bastard 1:13
Total side length – 25:45