Annihilation Time - II Vinyl LP

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There’s a part during “Too High to Die”, the third track on Annihilation Time’s classic album II, where Jimmy Rose screams, “I got blood pouring from my mouth and I like the taste of it”. Over massive guitar riffs and even a cowbell, it sounds like the perfect storm of greasy 70s rock, blazing thrash and urgent 80s hardcore. You can almost feel the crushed beer cans underfoot.II stands as an American power punk rock classic now repressed in limited PURPLE VINYL! on Tee Pee Records!! Recorded in 2004 at Motorwolf Studios in Holland while the band was on tour, the album brings together the riffs of Thin Lizzy and Motorhead with the snarl of Black Flag and Siege.Forming in Southern California in 2001, Annihilation Time were ferocious and constant touring (and partying) with bands like Municipal Waste and Caustic Christ earned them a cult like following across the US and Europe. Since the band split in 2009, members have gone on to play in numerous bands including Lecherous Gaze (Tee Pee Records).


1. Imaginary Mirror
2. Dogends
3. Too High To Die
4. Thanks Anyways
5. Teenage Rebel
6 The Worm
7. Panic
8. Fast Forward To The Gore
9. Yuppie Killer
10. Bigger Problems
11. Bl'ast Off