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Unlike any live act coming out of South Florida, AND THEN THERE WAS YOU combines catchy power pop and driving indie rock with captivating vocals to create a powerful musical force. Forming in September 2005, ANDTHEN THERE WAS YOU has already built up a strong fan base in the local Miami scene. Releasing a 3-song demo in March 2006, AND THEN THERE WAS YOU has already grabbed the attention of show-goers and have established themselves as a popular South Florida band. With many past experiences in the local scene, Armando Soler, AlexDe Renzis, Eddie Castineira, and Bret Swensson each bring their own musical influences to the table. Having played in many known local acts such AS CARTER BEATS THE DEVIL, STOP THIS FALL, and THE SURE FIRE, each member comes from a different musical background, making their song writing that much more unique. AND THEN THERE WAS YOU is not only extremely powerful in the studio, but their energetic live performance keeps fans coming back to their shows over and over again.


1. The Beloved
2. Star Struck
3. 1983
4. As Seen in Madrid
5. Save The Last Dance
6. Sincerely Yours
7. The Horsemen
8. Fall Fearless Empire
9. The Devil vs. Father Moore
10. Cool, Calm and Collected