Alice In Chains - SEATTLE 1992 CD

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By mid-1991, Alice In Chains weren't just a promising new metal band, but had been programmed into the emerging 'alternative' landscape populated by fellow Buzz-worthy acts like EMF, Jesus Jones, and P.M. Dawn. In the meantime this feisty quartet were helping to change the face of pop. In 1992, the acclaimed Dirt album took the band on to new sonic plains, merging Seattle scuzz, the vestiges of pop-metal, and Staley's limitless self-loathing into a hard-rock colossus. Dirt remains the most elemental album of the grunge era. Their performance at the Seattle Center on 20th December 1992, has become a vital addition to the band's legacy and testament to an era of hard drugs, and the disenfranchised in 90's America. Timeline revisits this classic performance with a fully restored and professionally remastered original KISW-FM broadcast. Presented with background notes and photos.  


1. Junkhead
2. Put You Down
3. It Ain't Like That
4. Love, Hate, Love
5. God Smack
6. Sickman
7. Bleed The Freak
8. Dirt
9. Sweet Home Alabama (Tease)
10. Man In The Box
11. Dam That River
12. We Die Young
13. Them Bones
14. (Another Tease)
15. Hate To Feel
16. Angry Chair
17. Rooster
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