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ALAN VEGA: LIVE AT ROCKPALAST 1982The concert was filmed on June 4th, 1982 at Sartory Säle in Cologne (Germany) during the 82' COLLISION DRIVE tour. In 1981 Alan Vega had released his second solo LP under the title Collison Drive. It forms part of the "play loud! (live) music series". The “play loud (live) music series“ is based on three precepts: Alan Lomax´s work as an archivist and chronicler, John Peel´s BBC radio sessions, and the work of Direct Cinema pioneers, such as the Maysles Brothers, Leacock, Wildenhahn, Blank and Pennebacker. play loud! aims to create an extensive archive of interesting popular music and culture that includes both material from the filmmakers' large amount of unreleased footage and material from other sources. Other artists in this series: Damo Suzuki, Lydia Lunch, Floating di Morel, Hans-Joachim Irmler, FM Einheit, Faust, Die Regierung, Limpe Fuchs, Guru Guru, Friedman + Liebezeit, Camera feat Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius, and many more. Rockpalast (Rock Palace) is a German music television show that broadcasts live on German television station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). Rockpalast started in 1974 and continues to this day. Hundreds of rock, heavy metal and jazz bands have performed on Rockpalast.CREDITS:Alan Vega: Vocals, Harp, GuitarMark Kuch: GuitarDrums: Sesu ColemanBass: Larry ChaplanThe vinyl LP comes with an eight-page booklet and a DVD, containing the entire live show (FILM I), which was recorded by German Public TV during Vega's 1982 'Collision Drive' tour. Also, on the DVD, the art exhibition 'Alan Suicide: Collision Drive 2002 at Deitch Projects in New York (FILM II). It was Alan Vega´s first exhibition after 18 years. Interestingly, both the Rockpalast show and the art exhibition carried the title 'Collision Drive'. A term that maybe best describes Vega's art and music. 1982/2002/2022


1. Magdalena
2. Goodbye Darling
3. Jukebox Babe
4. Je T'adore
5. Bongo Bongo
6. Outlaw
7. Be Bob a Lula
8. Sexy