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A Thousand Sufferings are releasing their 3rd full length album 'Stilte'!
This new album is such an improvement compared to their previous work. The sound is full, the guitars give you that drowning, yet, dreaming feeling and go from depressive doom into atmospheric black metal. The drums are mostly slow and melancholic until they burst open in rage, the bass guitar gives you the right dose of melodies and Doomish atmosphere while the Vocals are mesmerizing, melancholic, depressive, almost story telling like up till the moment they shatter out in hate entangled with desperation.
“Stilte” is an album that has found the perfect balance to combine different genres, feelings and atmosphere into one unique record that sounds like no other. Fans of Doom Metal, Black Metal and even Ambient will find this album enjoyable and it is therefore highly recommended to the lost souls.
Recommended if you like: Urfaust, The Ruins of Beverast, In the Woods..., Shining, Bethlehem, (Dolch), Lugubrum, Wederganger


1. Geen Helden Meer
2. De Eenzame Veroveraar
3. Woestenij Der Rust
4. Stilte
5. Weerloos In Het Ijle
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