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Remixed and remastered version of "Into Forever", the second album from the Swedish melodic metal project 7days, originally released in 2010. 7days was founded by guitar player Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony, All Things Fallen) and also features Thomas Vikström (Therion, ex. Candlemass) on vocals, Andreas Passmark (Royal Hunt, ex. Narnia, Harmony) on bass and Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet, Mind's Eye) on drums. The album also features guest appearances by Christian Liljegren (Narnia, DivineFire, Audiovision), Erik Tordsson (All Things Fallen, End of September) and Caroline Sigfridsson as well as keyboard solos by Kaspar Dahlqvist (ShadowQuest, Dionysus) The album features updated artwork by Markus Sigfridsson, and also includes the bonus track "Frontier".


01. Through Dark and Light 
02. Into Forever 
03. The Innocence in Me 
04. You Hold the Key 
05. Enter a Dream 
06. Crossing 
07. We Cry No More 
08. Under the Sun 
09. Scattered Mind 
10. Final Wisdom 
11. What Matters
12. Frontier (Bonus Track)
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